Go green, go home

The Wyne Residence, Canada, a green home.

Cars have been a visible target of the green movement. Those with high fuel consumption have been turned in for new cars that are more fuel efficient, or are hybrids.

The products inside our houses have also been marked with stars to let us know how fuel efficient they may be.

Now you can also get a house that’s green, without getting a greenhouse. This article from Mashable features 8 buildings which are zero-energy. That means they make as much energy as they consume.


What’s really exciting is that 3 of the projects are meant for the use of college students. Have a look at this upcoming build in NYC by Cornell and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.



While these buildings are exciting it’s pretty clear that green buildings are a long way from being dominate. Your car, your fridge and your washing machine are all things with a shorter lifetime that are often bought again new. Houses, however, are a little on the expensive side to just be buying new.

Here’s some ways that you can make your current house more energy efficient:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Increasing the insulation
  • Replacing old windows with double glazed windows
  • Using recyclable materials when doing renovations
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs


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