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  Check out this billboard for Nivea Sunscreen that was highlighted on Mashable . It’s made of white beads that become colored in the sunlight, except for those covered by Nivea’s sunscreen. At night the billboard appears purely white except for a portion which advertises the sunscreen.   Advertising can be considered evil but designs, […]

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Go green, go home

Cars have been a visible target of the green movement. Those with high fuel consumption have been turned in for new cars that are more fuel efficient, or are hybrids. The products inside our houses have also been marked with stars to let us know how fuel efficient they may be. Now you can also […]

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Have you met TED?

TED is smart. TED is funny. TED is looking for you. I’m talking about TED.  Technology, Entertainment, Design. Their website is known for it’s recordings of thousands of inspirational, motivational and informative talks. It’s easy to waste hours as you click through many of the captivating videos.   Here are some great TED talks to […]

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