Check out this billboard for Nivea Sunscreen that was highlighted on Mashable . It’s made of white beads that become colored in the sunlight, except for those covered by Nivea’s sunscreen. At night the billboard appears purely white except for a portion which advertises the sunscreen.


Advertising can be considered evil but designs, like the one above, are innovative and inspiring. How many people laughed while watching a Superbowl ad this weekend?


The Cons:

  • Ads are annoying.
  • They lead us to buy things we don’t need.
  • Ads interrupt our favorite television shows.
  • They can be distracting on the side of our favorite websites.


The Pros:

  • Ads help keep many of the websites we use free.
  • Our common like or dislike can bring us together.
  • They can open our eyes to something new.
  • Ads can be positive campaigns.


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