Briggs Chapter 3 – Crowd powered collaboration

Didn’t your mother teach you to share?

While you may not want to split that piece of chocolate cake, everyone is rushing to share online.

This chapter of Briggs’ was all about the types of online sharing that we can be involved with. Not only that but how they can be used to deliver an even better – more individualized – experience, especially when it comes to news.

So the three things you need to know about:

Crowdsourcing: using a larger group to get something done. It could be collecting small bits of information reported by lots of people that you use to make a big picture later. Or there are projects which use incentives to get tasks completed. Check out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk project.

Open Source Reporting: letting others know what you’re working on while you are still working. This way you can gain feedback and directions. It also can help create a community with readers as they become a bigger part of the process.

Pro-Am Journalism: allowing everyone to be a journalist. The internet has opened up the world of blogs and given everyone the ability to write about what is happening that they care about.

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