The Apple Exchange – buying and selling Ipads


Apple products have become the most fashionable technology to accessorize yourself with. It’s almost time to update your wardrobe though. The expected announcement of new iPhone and iPad models in March is being hotly awaited.


First step though is getting rid of that old model. According to this Mashable article you need to do it now if you want to get the most you can for it. Those who can’t bear to live without their iPad will pay. If users wait until they have the newest model to sell, they will potentially get over a hundred dollars less for the “outdated” iPad.

It is expected that the lines at Apple stores will involve tents and diehard fans. But in the months following the new release who else will be getting a new iPad or iPhone? Those who own iPads now will be 3 times more likely to buy the new iPad. Check out this Mashable infographic to see more about the market for the iPad, the specifics of which we are still unknown.


Currently, the cheapest iPad is worth 69 hours of work on the US minimum wage of $7.25/ hour. That’s nearly 3 days straight with no sleep!

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